Established in March 1992 as an indigenous plant pool and equipment sale company,
Erdmac Co. Ltd (ECL) is engaged in mining support services and construction,
specifically Road Construction and Small Dam Irrigation Works to take advantage of
the large equipment holding at its disposal.
Erdmac Company Ltd also undertakes land clearing, waste management and other
integrated works, both as a prime contractor and as a subcontractor.

Erdmac Co. Ltd has shares in Justmac Ventures Ghana Ltd, located in Takoradi,
Western Region, which produces Stone Quarry Products–stones, aggregates, dust and

The diversification of Erdmac’s operations brought new challenges, experience
and exposure which it has harnessed to ensure delivery credibility, good performance
and customer loyalty.

ECL has gained the trust of companies like Golden Star Resources (Wassa) and
institutions such as the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA), and the Cocoa
Board, having successfully executed their contracts and is still positioned to avail herself
of bigger opportunities, undertake larger contracts and expand her services.

OurVision, Mission and Passion


The Company’s vision is to be a competent and trustworthy service provider in
mining and construction, and related works in the country.


To perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices.


Our passion therefore is to provide clients with admirable differentiated service, to produce
results to the highest standards for projects/services and to prospect for jobs at competitive prices. The availability of good equipment and disciplined staff to ensure good performance attests to the Company’s commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

A Commitment we Never Fail to Deliver

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